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How to make a soundproof box

人气:5588 发表时间:2018-11-26 Shenzhen Jiachen Technology Popularity : 5588Published time: 2018-11-26 [ Small , medium and large ]

Anyone who knows the sound insulation box knows that the sound insulation box is an isolation cavity made of sound insulation, damping, sound insulation materials, etc., which is a device used to meet the environmental requirements of audio testing. It can be seen that it is quite difficult to make a soundproof box by yourself. But it is not infeasible, let me introduce to you below, how to make a soundproof box at home.


How to make a soundproof box ?

1. Due to the high requirements for the sound insulation index of the sound insulation box, the sound insulation box is designed as a three-layer structure. The sound insulation box is made of a combination of 2mm thick high-quality cold-rolled electrolytic steel plate and multiple layers of damping sound insulation materials. There are sound-absorbing materials, etc. There are sealing rubber pads near the door of the soundproof box, and the product test cable interface is provided in the box.

2. 50mm thick egg sound-absorbing cotton is affixed to the inner surface of the box. This method has good sound-absorbing effect.

3. Four vibration dampers are provided at the bottom of the soundproof box to reduce the impact of external vibration and sound sources on the soundproof box.

4. The sound insulation box adopts a suspension structure, which can effectively reduce the transmission of solid noise. It is made of multilayer polymer composite plates, which can reduce the weight of the box and improve the sound insulation effect.

5. The inner and outer shell of the box is made of 2mm cold-rolled steel plate, which is made by stamping, welding, pickling, spraying and other steps. The inside is a composite made of 3-6 layers of damping, sound insulation and sound absorbing materials. Sound insulation wall panels.

6. Just stuffed with sound-absorbing cotton is not enough. Because whether it is steel or glass, under the action of sound waves, it will generate resonance in certain frequency bands. When resonance occurs, the sound insulation volume will greatly decrease. The solution is to paste a damping material on the surface of the steel plate or glass. The thicker the thickness of the damping material is, the better, in principle, the best effect can be achieved when the thickness reaches 3 times the thickness of the steel plate or glass.


How to make a soundproof box, I believe you will know a little bit after reading this article. In fact, Xiaobian suggested that if you really need a high-quality soundproof box, you should still find a professional soundproof box manufacturer to buy one. It would be better than doing it yourself. Shenzhen Jiachen Technology is a professional soundproof box manufacturer with 14 years of experience in making soundproof boxes. At present, there are more than 600 models of products such as shielding equipment, audio equipment, and robot automatic test equipment. All performance indicators of the products have reached professional standards.

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