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What are the characteristics of soundproof boxes and soundproof rooms?

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Soundproof room is a kind of environmental protection equipment that integrates modern manufacturing industry, construction engineering, acoustic technology and aesthetics in an effort to improve and control noise pollution. It is often used in quiet places. The role of sound insulation box is to reduce environmental noise. So, what are the characteristics of a soundproof room compared with a soundproof box? Xiaobian will follow Jiachen Xiaobian to find out.


1.The sound insulation room has a high sound insulation effect.

Although the noise of equipment in the factory can be installed with a muffler to achieve the effect of noise reduction, it cannot really solve the problem of noise. The sound insulation effect of the sound insulation room is better than the muffler, which protects the health of medical staff to a certain extent. Select the sound insulation time.

2.The enclosure of the soundproof room is much larger than the box.

Because of a soundproof room, the volume is much larger than the soundproof box.Because the room that needs to be soundproofed to adapt to the sound insulation of the device also needs employees inside, in contrast, the soundproof box is used to test wireless products or electronic equipment. The solid product will be much smaller.


3.The waterproof and corrosion resistance of the acoustic room is high, high temperature and high pressure.

The requirements for soundproof room production materials are high.Most of the materials used are high temperature resistant materials.The material is not easy to corrode and is more resistant to high temperatures. The room that is subjected to high temperatures can reach 400 ° C soundproofing. The thickness is also large and it is also waterproof. The main material of the isolation box is the sound insulation effect, and the heat resistance of the box body does not have a sound insulation room.

4.It is more flexible in design and production.

Generally speaking, the design of the sound insulation room is mainly based on the actual situation on the site, and there are many factors that need to be considered, such as the noise decibel of the equipment, the location of the site, and other soundproof box factories. First, it will be reasonably designed according to the previous situation. The drawings are then replaced in the field construction according to the actual situation. The design is relatively flexible. The soundproof box is designed according to customer requirements. The design scheme cannot be changed at will, otherwise it will affect the equipment delivery date.

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