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Where is the wifi shield box used when testing wireless routers?

Purpose of using WIFI shielding box:

The first is to restrict the radiated electromagnetic energy inside the equipment from going out of a certain area; the second is to prevent the external radiated electromagnetic energy from entering a certain area.

Shielding effectiveness of wifi shielding box

Refers to the ratio of the electric field strength, magnetic field strength, or power at a certain point in the space before and after the shielding box is placed when the simulated interference source is placed outside the shielding box, and then the logarithm (lgp1 / p2) is taken as DB.

Shielding effectiveness testing instrument for WIFI shielding box

Test equipment includes: network analyzer (signal generator + spectrum analyzer), dipole antenna, horn antenna, shielding box

The five procedures of the wireless router test process are:
1. Aging test link. The aging test is mainly performed on the product immediately after the DIP is completed. The test is performed for a long time and at a high temperature.

2. Functional test of wireless router. Wireless routers are mainly divided into two types: wireless A uplink and wireless LAN uplink. The functional test of the wireless router generally includes the following items:

(1) MAC write

(2) Inspection of product hardware and software versions

(3) 19KFT (5.4KM) link and rate test is required for ADSL uplink (such as the connection rate of the BCM chip solution: uplink 352KB / downlink 1200KB)

(4) The external network access test of the WAN port on the uplink of the LAN

(5) PING package test (depending on the product, the PING package night tour is different)

(6) Key test

(7) Test of lamp position

In the functional test, different test methods are adopted for different chip solutions and customer requirements. 3. Wireless board test. Before doing the wireless board test, the test wires and equipment must be verified. Mainly verify the RF line and IQflex. (Required for this process)

Its test items are based on different chip solutions
4. Wireless final test of wireless router. (An RF test shield box is required. The main test items for wireless final test are:

Wireless throughput test

Write personalized parameters (mainly according to customer requirements for products, can be written in other links)

Reset test (reset method points: soft reset is implemented using software commands and hard reset is manually pressing the reset key)

5. Wireless finished product testing. Mainly test the final state of the wireless router. The main test items are the following:

MAC check

Wireless encryption status check

Lamp position confirmation check

These items are the basic test checks for all products, and are based on different customer requirements. At the same time, each test item in each of the above links is a test item for various products by well-known domestic companies.