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What are the functions of shielding boxes

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Friends who know the shielding box know that the principle of the shielding box is to use shields of various shapes made of conductive or magnetically permeable materials to limit the electromagnetic capacity to a certain spatial range, and to suppress metal interference from radiation . It also conducts conduction and radiation to achieve equipment that provides a non-interference test environment for the wireless communication device under test. Of course, this is just the principle of the shield box, so what are the functions of the shield box? What are the uses of the shield box?


What are the functions of the shield box?

1. The shielding box can isolate external base station signals and external interference signals.

2. The shielded box can absorb the RF signal inside the box and reduce interference.

3. Shielded box can reduce the impact of personnel and test more accurately.

4. The shielding box can integrate multiple test processes, simplifying processes and improving efficiency.

5. The shielding box can isolate the interference of adjacent test equipment.

What are the uses of shielded boxes?

1.EMI test

2. Application of wireless communication test

3. Transmitter radiated power test

4.RF function test

5. Coupling test

6. Testing of mobile phones, Bluetooth, wireless routers, etc., complete machines or chips

7. Receiver sensitivity test

8. Small UHF equipment EMI and EMS test

9.Bluetooth, DAB / DMB


The above is the introduction of what the shield box is about and the purpose of the shield box. If you don't know enough or want to buy a shielding box, you can come to Shenzhen Jiachen Technology official website to see. Shenzhen Jiachen Technology is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2004. It is an earlier professional manufacturer of shielding testing equipment for communication products in China. Currently, there are more than 600 products including shielding equipment, audio equipment, and robot automatic testing equipment. All performance indicators have reached the professional level.

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