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development path

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development path

1) In 2004, Jiachen Technology was established and has become one of the companies engaged in RF test equipment development and production in China.
2) In 2005, it passed Huawei's supplier assessment system and became Huawei's core supplier, and has maintained a stable cooperative relationship so far.
3) In 2006, the company passed the ISO quality management system certification and relocated in the same year to expand the production scale.
4) In 2007, the Shanghai office was established.
5) In 2008, it won the honor of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise.
6) In 2008, it entered Foxconn's core supplier system.
7) In 2009, it reached a comprehensive cooperation with Flextronics and entered the intelligent production of automated equipment.
8) In 2010, successfully hosted the industry technology summit in Shenzhen.
9) In 2011, it moved to Fenda Xixiang Park for the second time.
10) In 2012, it won the honor of National High-tech Enterprise, and the Suzhou Branch was established in the same year.
11) In 2013, establish a subsidiary that operates independently and automatically.
12) In 2015, it won the second place in the high-end manufacturing equipment competition in Baoan District.
13) Passed ISO9000 and ISO14001 system certification in 2016.
14) In 2018, Dongguan Industrial Park will be established, and the manufacturing base will be relocated to Dongguan Park.